Balloon Installations


Did you know? In addition to our handmade balloon garlands, we also create unique, artistic balloon installations for the Central Oregon area! If you have a business or are throwing a party in Bend, Oregon and you need a little more flair, we've got your answer! Our organic balloon designs come in any shape and color combination, and we can pretty much install them anywhere. 

Every organic balloon piece is different, and our pricing depends on the size, design, color, and installation. However, to give you an idea, we typically say they range from $150-$250 for every 10'. We have a $500 minimum for our large on-site balloon installations and we require at least a month's notice to design, plan and order the balloons we need. 

If you'd like one of our large balloon installations, your next step is to reach out via email at with your details, inspo photos and photos of the balloon installation location. After talking through the details, we can give you an exact price and work out an exact day and time for the installation.

If our modern balloon arches and garlands are kept inside and out of the sunlight they can last at least a month, we've even seen them last up to 3 months! Our balloon installations are good for business grand openings, relocation parties, weddings, holiday parties, and so much more! Pretty much any occasion where you want to add some spunk, these bad boys will do the trick! Email us at to see what we can make for you!


Photos by: Ely Roberts Photography



Photos by: Natalie Puls



Photos by: Ely Roberts Photography




Photos by: Delray Rhoan